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Watch series: numeral mens watch Movement type: automatic machinery Case material: stainless steel Strap material: crocodile skin Case diameter: 40 mm Domestic public price: ¥3700 Watch the comment: Today's mens watch roman numerals series calendar watch, blue steel peach pointer with Roman numeral hour markers, track minute scale display, classic unparalleled, is a model of formal wear, wearing exquisite elegance. Unique watches' original interior design team made a series of improvements to the existing model, creating a fascinating new look that blends classic and modern. The bezel is round, making room for the silver enamel dial, and the delicate textured surface of the dial becomes a gorgeous backdrop of dark black Roman numerals and a classic black orbital dial ring. The interior of the watch is equipped with Unique watches original homemade 100-03 self-winding movement, decorated with Unique men's watches original rib three-quarter main splint, intelligent automatic winding through one-way / two-way winding automatic turntable, gooseneck fine-tuning, 21 open Pendulum, chamfered edges, blue steel screws, polished steel, full chain 55-hour power reserve. This watch is decorative, and the large watch must be intuitive, unobtrusive, rough, dazzling and avant-garde,unique watch especially suitable for young people. From the watch movement, large-size movement watches usually have better walking performance than smaller movements. However, everything unique-affordable-watches has two sides. It needs to do anything to a certain extent. If you follow the trend, wearing a unique watch big watch on your wrist for a long time will make you feel uncomfortable. Men's watch dials are suitable and should be considered according to their age, gender, size, wrist thickness, work nature, lifestyle, etc., especially for older people who are not suitable for wearing large watches. Male watches average 33-40mm and female watches 20-30mm. The most important choice for dial size is the one that fits your wrist. black watch roman numeralsit looks like a grade, and even shows the charm of a man.

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