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Unique affordable watch Amazon's most affordable watch below 500

If you are invited to a place where you like to eat, or maybe a black tie, you will want a dress watch. Dress watches are classic, stylish and simple. They usually have a simple white dial with only one hour and one minute of hands. There is absolutely nothing else. That is the classic dress watch. The times have changed, and today's dress affordable watches 500 may be a little more than this. But if you want a watch that fits your elegant outfit, keeping it simple, clean, thin and leather belts is never a bad idea. And these watches are not necessarily very expensive. You can easily get a goalkeeper under $700. In this article, I will show you some of the best options. One of the most famous dress watches in the watch field, Seiko's unique watches online sales (nicknamed cocktail time - the obvious reason) is a striking watch. Very affordable, and great value. At first glance, it is a clean, classic dress watch. However, when you look closely, you will see a huge guillocht-shaped sunburst dial radiating outward from the center of the watch, and when you bypass the watch, there will be undulating patterns. It appears blue in the image, but it is actually silver. The rest of the watch features a clean stainless steel case and unqique watches calfskin strap, which is very low profile to help highlight the rest of the watch. There is another surprise, there is a transparent / display bottom cover, you can see the internal work of the watch, this is always a pleasure. The automatic (manual and manual occlusion) movement also adds to the value of this watch. Surprisingly it is actually so affordable. This Hamilton is slightly smaller than the above noble affordable mens watch 500 (38x10mm) and is similar in many ways. The dial is also a very clean silver sunburst dial with a thin hour mark and a date window at 6 o'clock. I like it because it is different from the standard at 3 o'clock. It uses Swiss, not Japanese automatic movements, which also means top quality. It has a slightly less power reserve (42 hours) and no hacking or manual winding. And, you will see a lot of dress watches, it has no second hand. It also comes with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, which is usually expensive, and has a back of the display case for those who want to know how the watch works. For me, this is a very affordable, very value-for-money watch. Therefore, it is very suitable for matching clothes.

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